Happy 22nd Birthday, Tara! Hope you have a stellar day! May your dreams of being rich and surrounded by attractive men come true.
(I’m going to message you to a ‘clean’ wallpaper version of this. Hope you like it!)

(This is actually a part of a wallpaper I made. If any of you would like it, message me and I’ll post a link to the full version)

You always gotta be there Urameshi.

Sorry I’ve been away so long! (and that I’ve returned by making Yu Yu Hakusho gifs and not Merlin things).

Your hair is a bit damaged, Kurama.

Hey guys!
So this is just a mini-update. I’m going to be on a mini-hiatus until the semester ends (I’ll be back early May). I have a lot of final papers and presentations that I have to start working on. I know I’ve already been pretty inactive (this semester has been crazy), but I thought I would just let you all know. I’m still alive and will still be posting edits and such, just not until I finish this semester.

Merlin promo photos: hands (15/?)

eccentricaffliction asked:
I hope you've had a lovely day and I thought I'd tell you just how much I adore your blog, and I look forward to seeing it on my dash everyday. You are fabulous and you deserve every kind thing that comes your way xx

Thank you so much!

(sorry I’ve been inactive. I’ve been busy with class. but I am hoping to get some more things done while I am off on break!)

Jim Reid, The Jesus & Mary Chain, "Never Understand" (1985)

no I don’t live my life like you do…